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Let Me Help You Achieve Your Success

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Herbal Medicine

Initial Consult

What this involves:

I conduct an assessment based on the info you provide for me which includes your intake questionnaires

I review any previous labs you've had done

I evaluate your 3-day food diary

I implement your menu plan and lifestyle advice 

Follow-up Consult

What this involves:

I support and track your progress towards your goals

Supplement recommendations may be offered based on what we discuss.

I review and compare labs from any previous ones

I review and adjust dietary/lifestyle changes


Whole Harmony Nutrition can help you overcome the obstacles in your life through a healthier approach to food. Find out how!

Choose your pricing plan

  • Package 1

    Initial Consult+Menu Plan+Follow-up
  • Package 2

    Initial Consult+Menu Plan+3 Follow-ups
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