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Build Your Victory Garden

Updated: May 29, 2020

What to do while social distancing

Start a Victory Garden! I'm sure you've heard it all in how to keep busy through these strange times. Starting one helps to take that peaceful time to the outdoors, rather than feeling cooped up in the house, condo, or apartment.

While the purpose of starting a "Victory Garden" has evolved and changed over the years, it has now re-emerged with a meaning that is basically the same. Building up your morale and spirit while increasing food production during war...and why not?

While it may be difficult to make a simple trip to the grocery store, it's worthwhile and rewarding to know that whatever you choose to grow, it will be more nutritious. Whether you have a backyard, a terrace or balcony, you can do this! You don't need a large parcel of land and using anything from pots to raised beds or an 8x10 plot is sufficient enough.

I planted a row of carrots and another row of lettuce seeds last month since this is the time to start in the northeast. I also planted organic corn seeds under a Crystal rock water that has been cut at the top to use as a mini greenhouse-plus it has a handle on it. To get an early start on the lettuces, I planted seeds under a mini A frame greenhouse that was made with plastic roofing material. You can also use a plastic rectangular rubbermaid style box turned upside down to cover seedlings.

Since I found out the hard way that rabbits and woodchucks love kale, I planted kale seeds in a large pot next to my back door to deter them from coming near and munching on them and everything else in the garden.

I'm sure that many of us are unsure if things will ever be the same as they were before. But know that you have some control in growing your own food in your backyard or on your deck for nutrition, when fresh foods may be scarce or sold out at the market.

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